5 Celebrities Who Look Better In Glasses

The spectacled among us are no longer the butt of all the jokes. Insults like “four eyes” and “speccy” have faded into obscurity. Glasses, and especially thick frames, have recently become a powerful and desirable fashion statement. Celebrities have really jumped on the trend, and many who don’t need prescription glasses for sight reasons, choose to wear “fashion frames” instead.

We have put together a list of 5 celebrities who we think look better with glasses than without! Let’s see if you agree!

Johnny Depp

“I’m blind as a bat in my left eye”

Star of Pirates of the Caribbean, Edward Scissor hands and The Lone Ranger Johnny Depp relies heavily on his prescription glasses. He has reportedly had problems with his eyesight since birth. He has very poor sight in his left eye, and is near-sighted in his right.

He might be forced to rely on glasses in his private life, but boy, does he make them look good! Typically, Depp chooses large, rounder frames, and often goes for tinted lenses. Keep flying the flag for glasses wearer’s everywhere Johnny!

Jennifer Aniston

You’ll often see star of Friends Jennifer Aniston adding a touch of class to her look with a trendy pair of glasses.  She wears tortoise-shell frames that compliment her square face-shape perfectly.

Steve Carell

We think funny man Steve Carell looks much better in a pair of glasses! With fashion facial hair and a trendy pair of retro specs, the star of 40-Year-Old Virgin and Despicable Me is the image of style. Carell can often be spotted at events and premieres wearing face-defining frames by Ralph Lauren or London Retro.

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys is like a spectacled chameleon, making bold moves between very different frame shapes and colors. She jumps fearlessly between angular and more rounded frames.

Ryan Gosling

Could Ryan Gosling possibly look any better? Well, he can in glasses! The Hollywood star has successfully made thick-rimmed, retro frames a mainstream trend. He is currently sporting a pair of Warby Parker’s Preston frames.

Are you looking to change your glasses look? We hope that these five celebrities have been some inspiration to you.
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