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are digital eye exams safe

Digital eye exams are becoming more popular in opticians’ and optometrists’ offices across the UK. We understand that, as with other field advancements and innovations, some people remain sceptical about the efficiency of these exams and find themselves asking “are digital eye exams safe?”

This blog outlines what digital eye exams are and whether they’re safe, and considers reasons why you should schedule a digital exam when booking in with your opticians.

What is a digital eye exam?

Digital eye exams consist of personalised automated tests used to produce accurate guides for your optician prescription. Opticians usually use digital eye exams in conjunction with regular vision exams to increase accuracy. The cutting-edge technology uses sensors to produce automatic measurements and adjustments. For instance, computerised sensors automatically lower phoropter masks in front of your face and switch the lenses used to test your vision.

Are digital eye exams safe?

Although a relatively new technology, digital eye exams are completely safe. They simply cover the same aspects as traditional eye exams yet with more efficiency. They provide start-of-the-art visual images that allow opticians to provide precise eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions and measurements – thereby enhancing your vision and eye health as a result.

The only difference between digital eye exams and traditional vision tests is that it involves the use of cutting—edge software to produce initial prescriptions. Opticians use these prescriptions as a base and tweak the results accordingly based on the findings of a refraction test.

Why choose digital eye exams?

There are several reasons why you should consider a digital eye exam when next visiting the opticians, including:

Greater accuracy: Digital eye exams provide more accurate optical measurements – thereby allowing opticians to draw more precise conclusions. This means they ensure you’re provided with an optical solution that best suits your needs.

Less time-consuming: Although traditional vision tests can be just as accurate as digital eye exams, the latter takes a lot less time and effort. Efficient appointments mean you can be in and out of the opticians in no time and makes it easier to schedule repeat visits as opticians can attend to more appointments in a day.

Identifying eye conditions: Digital vision exams are a benefit for identifying eye conditions – such as cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration. This is because they produce are comprehensive understanding of your eye health and visual system.

Removes guesswork: There is a certain amount of variation that comes with traditional optical measurements. Digital exams remove this by essentially creating a fingerprint of your eye that can be more reliable than optician inferences. When determining “are digital eye exams safe?”, remember they offer the same results as traditional exams but with enhanced accuracy. If you’re looking to book a digital eye exam with an optician Cardigan based, contact Pritchard Cowburn Opticians today. We operate a modern on-site laboratory and have access to the latest optical technology.