The Arrival Of Google Glass

the arrival of google glass

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How would you like to combine your prescription glasses with your smartphone? Well, new technology means that, one day soon, this could be a reality.

They call it Google Glass.

What Is Google Glass?

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Google Glass

Google Glass is Google’s wearable computer. Fashioned as a pair of glasses, with an optical head mounted display, Google Glass displays information in a hands-free smartphone format.

Its features include a touchpad, which allows users to swipe through an interface on the screen; WiFi and Bluetooth capability; a camera that can take photos and record HD video; voice activation; and a polarised LED display, which is reflected into the user’s eye.

Other benefits include easy access to Google maps, so you’ll never get lost again, and constant access to news and social media updates.

It’s quite amazing how all of this technology has been crammed into such tiny frames.

The feather-light titanium frames are made to fit with your prescription and are available in a variety of shapes. Google have also partnered with the likes of Ray Ban to develop a fashionable look for the frames.

“Google has created the most sought-after sci-fi-looking gadget that everyone wants to wear at least once”

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Will It Conquer The Mass Market?

google glasses

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While the Google Glass technology and marketing strategy has received some criticism, the glasses proved so popular that the initial sale sold out after 24 hours. The second generation Google Glass Explorer, complete with peer-reviewed improvements, went back on sale in the US on 14th May 2014 – retailing at a cool $1500.

At this price, will Google Glass ever conquer the mass market? Will we one day be stocking them for the average glasses wearer?

There are doubts that these glasses will ever become mainstream, and many critics argue that they will only ever be the preserve of tech and marketing professionals.

Though the majority of its functionality might seem unnecessary for the average user, the ability to capture shareable moments quickly and easily through your glasses is something that will appeal to everyone. With a voice-activated camera that you carry beside your eye, you’ll never miss a moment again!

Would you like to own a pair of Google Glass frames?

Watch this space.

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