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How bifocal contact lenses work

Bifocal contact lenses are a great all-in-one option for anyone who struggles to focus on objects close to them and those further away. Allowing you to see clearly at multiple distances, bifocal contact lenses are discreet and convenient. They are often chosen by people who have worn contacts for distance but now find their near vision has worsened. What to
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Does astigmatism affect contact lenses?

Ordinary contact lenses are used to help individuals who suffer from long and short sightedness to see with more clarity. Some mistakenly think that they’re able to be used to treat conditions such as astigmatism. In this blog post, we look at what astigmatism is, does astigmatism affect contact lenses and why it’s an important issue to treat. What is
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Where can I get an eye test for a driver’s licence?

Meeting the minimum vision requirement is a legal obligation for drivers in England and Wales to ensure road safety. National Eye Health Week estimates that nine million drivers in the UK have a vision that doesn’t meet the legal requirements for driving. If you are worried you may be included in this number, you may find yourself asking 'where can
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Are glasses and contact lenses prescriptions the same?

Have you been for an eye test and are now wondering, are glasses and contact lenses prescriptions the same? Although they both work in broadly the same way to correct your vision, the script your optometrist provides may be different for spectacles and contacts. So, are glasses and contact lenses prescriptions the same? They often differ because contact lenses sit
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Can you shower with contact lenses?

A daily shower is a must for many of us, be it freshening up on a morning or a relaxing splash after a hard day’s work. Wearers often ask us ‘can you shower with contact lenses?’ and are often surprised to learn it’s rarely a good idea. The non-sterilised water that pours from a shower can easily come into contact
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What is an OCT scan of the eye?

An OCT scan is a painless, non-invasive eye test that uses light waves to create images of the retina. This technology can help eye specialists detect eye diseases and disorders in their early stages so they can be treated before it's too late. The scan takes seconds and offers clear images for analysis without causing any discomfort or pain. If
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What happens during an eye test in the UK?

If you’ve never visited the optician before, you might be nervous about what to expect. After all, our eyes are sensitive organs. However, eye tests are a quick, painless way to understand your eye health, check whether you need glasses or contact lenses, and spot any emerging issues before they get worse. Ophthalmology concept. Male patient under eye vision examination
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Quantity Products, Competitive Prices.Its what we are providing

Whether you need sunglasses for driving, sport or sunbathing it is important that you choose the correct type. For instance, lenses that change with the sun are not suitable for driving but are more appropriate for playing golf, as they require direct UV light to activate and darken. We have a wide range of sunglasses that are suitable for numerous
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Staff Training Day!

Both our Cardigan and Narberth practices will be closed on Wednesday 16th May for shop re-fit and staff training. We will be open as per usual on Thursday 17th May. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

When should a child have an eye test?

Children's eye tests are vital health checks.  Optometrists are able to check the eye's of children, toddlers and even babies.  Even if the parent has no real concerns regarding their child's vision, they should have a routine eye test well before they start school.  Some eye conditions can be treated more effectively if they are discovered before the age of
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