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Contact lenses are back!

While we were working from home and missing our friends and family contact lenses took a "back seat" It's 2022 and time to start using your contact lenses again or trying a pair for the first time. Don't worry if you are new to lenses as our knowledgeable staff will help you wear lenses comfortably with designs to suit your
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Frame recycling

If you can't see the wood for the trees we have a solution. Recycle your old frames with a drop off in either the Cardigan or Narberth Practices. (no cases please)

Pasg Hapus/Happy Easter

Wishing our patients and friends a Happy and peaceful Easter. Thanks to for your support and we look forward to providing our community with an excellent eye care service in 2022. The Cardigan and Narberth practices are closed over the Easter weekend and will reopen on Tuesday the 19th of April. #pritchardcowburnopticians #aberteifi #narberth

Does astigmatism affect contact lenses?

Ordinary contact lenses are used to help individuals who suffer from long and short sightedness to see with more clarity. Some mistakenly think that they’re able to be used to treat conditions such as astigmatism. In this blog post, we look at what astigmatism is, does astigmatism affect contact lenses and why it’s an important issue to treat. What is
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Our lab technician Dyfrig Evans retires.

It's a fond farewell to Dyfrig Evans this weekend as he finishes his final shift in our glazing laboratory. The last 15 years have flown by and many thousands of our patients have worn glasses made by Dyfrig. Wishing you well for the future hoping you enjoy a long and happy retirement. Diolch yn Fawr from all the staff in
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Where can I get an eye test for a driver’s licence?

Meeting the minimum vision requirement is a legal obligation for drivers in England and Wales to ensure road safety. National Eye Health Week estimates that nine million drivers in the UK have a vision that doesn’t meet the legal requirements for driving. If you are worried you may be included in this number, you may find yourself asking 'where can
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Are glasses and contact lenses prescriptions the same?

Have you been for an eye test and are now wondering, are glasses and contact lenses prescriptions the same? Although they both work in broadly the same way to correct your vision, the script your optometrist provides may be different for spectacles and contacts. So, are glasses and contact lenses prescriptions the same? They often differ because contact lenses sit
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Where do you take old prescription glasses?

Before you throw those defunct specs in the bin, stop and think where they could end up. Discarded lenses and frames contribute to plastic waste and environmental harm. So where do you take old prescription glasses to be recycled? You can’t currently recycle old pairs of glasses through the local council, so Pritchard Cowburn can arrange recycling for you at
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How bad is my vision prescription?

Been for an eye test? Wondering how bad is my vision prescription? Here’s how to interpret how severe your short or long-sightedness actually is. Remember, short-sightedness is where things that are close to you are clearer than objects further away. Long-sightedness is when items near to you are blurred and those a greater distance away are more clear. The entries
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Do you get eyestrain driving?

Many people mention eyestrain when having an eye examination, especially when driving long distances or with headlight glare at night. At Pritchard Cowburn Opticians we can often reduce these uncomfortable problems and make driving more enjoyable. After all there are enough hazards to concentrate on during your journey. If you have a slow change of focus when glancing at the
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