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Where do you take old prescription glasses?

Before you throw those defunct specs in the bin, stop and think where they could end up. Discarded lenses and frames contribute to plastic waste and environmental harm. So where do you take old prescription glasses to be recycled? You can’t currently recycle old pairs of glasses through the local council, so Pritchard Cowburn can arrange recycling for you at
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How bad is my vision prescription?

Been for an eye test? Wondering how bad is my vision prescription? Here’s how to interpret how severe your short or long-sightedness actually is. Remember, short-sightedness is where things that are close to you are clearer than objects further away. Long-sightedness is when items near to you are blurred and those a greater distance away are more clear. The entries
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Do you get eyestrain driving?

Many people mention eyestrain when having an eye examination, especially when driving long distances or with headlight glare at night. At Pritchard Cowburn Opticians we can often reduce these uncomfortable problems and make driving more enjoyable. After all there are enough hazards to concentrate on during your journey. If you have a slow change of focus when glancing at the
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Can you shower with contact lenses?

A daily shower is a must for many of us, be it freshening up on a morning or a relaxing splash after a hard day’s work. Wearers often ask us ‘can you shower with contact lenses?’ and are often surprised to learn it’s rarely a good idea. The non-sterilised water that pours from a shower can easily come into contact
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What is an OCT scan of the eye?

An OCT scan is a painless, non-invasive eye test that uses light waves to create images of the retina. This technology can help eye specialists detect eye diseases and disorders in their early stages so they can be treated before it's too late. The scan takes seconds and offers clear images for analysis without causing any discomfort or pain. If
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January Sale.

Discounts on all complete pairs of new glasses. All frames included in the offer, whether you want an ECO recycled material or the latest titanium design for maximum comfort call in to see our designer ranges. Call us via for both Narberth and Cardigan.

Christmas Opening Hours 2021

Nadolig Llawen, Merry Christmas and Blwyddyn Newydd Dda, Happy New year to all. Our opening hours for both Cardigan and Narberth practices over the Christmas period are: Christmas Eve Close at 12.30pm Open on Weds' 29th and Thurs' 30th 9.00am to 5.00pm New Year's Eve close at 1.00pm and re-open as normal on Tues' 4th of January

Myopia control

With increasing amounts of children becoming myopic due to a rise in sedentary indoor lifestyles and an increasing amount of time spent doing near activities the next generation of children are far more likely to need glasses full-time. We are now able to fit Essilor Stellest spectacle lenses to your child's glasses to reduce the increase in myopic progression by
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What happens during an eye test in the UK?

If you’ve never visited the optician before, you might be nervous about what to expect. After all, our eyes are sensitive organs. However, eye tests are a quick, painless way to understand your eye health, check whether you need glasses or contact lenses, and spot any emerging issues before they get worse. Ophthalmology concept. Male patient under eye vision examination
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Spectacle recycling

Glasses Repurposed Help the environment with Pritchard Cowburn Opticians Recycle your glasses and stop landfill Pritchard Cowburn Opticians are committed to improving the environment and have several new developments which we shall announce in 2022.Firstly, in early 2022 we are partnering with Recycline and will be able to safely recycle your used glasses via collection boxes in each practice.You can
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