Coffee May Protect Your Eyes

how coffee could protect your eyes

We all love our coffee.

Whether it is a cup to get you going in the morning, meeting a friend for a latte at the local café or finishing up a nice meal with a cappuccino, the black stuff has become an integral part of our lives.

Well, what if we told you that as well as keeping your eyes open, the coffee you drink is helping to keep your eyes healthy too?! That’s right. Researchers have found that a cup of coffee a day could help prevent eye diseases.

The Science


“Coffee is the most popular drink in the world, and we are understanding what benefit we can get from that”

Lead Study Author Chang Y. Lee

In a joint study between the United States and South Korea, researchers found that coffee had a protective effect on the retina, the thin layer on the back wall of the eyes. The retina co Scientists believe that coffee may play a role in preventing retina deterioration and possible blindness from glaucoma, ageing or diabetes.

The team of scientists examined an antioxidant called chlorogenic acid. After testing the antioxidant on a group of rats, the study found that it prevented retinal degeneration.

The retina is very metabolically active tissue, and so requires lots of oxygen. If the retina does not receive the right amount of oxygen, it can deteriorate causing glaucoma, blurry vision or even blindness. Clorogenic acid has been proven to prevent the effects of a lack of oxygen on the retina.

So that’s the science.

We are a way off prescribing a cup of coffee to prevent retinal damage at our branches across Pembrokeshire, but there is enough evidence to say that your morning cup of coffee may protect your eyes from harm!

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