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Do you struggle with eyestrain or are concerned that varifocals will not work for you?

Your eyes are unique and deserve a spectacle lens that works for your needs and lifestyle.

Using the Essilor Visioffice our dispensing opticians can order a multifocal lens to suit your needs, whether it is for all day on a computer, for long days driving or any other task we can give you the best vision and comfort currently possible.

Ask our opticians when you come for an appointment and they will be pleased to help with any questions you may have and explain the lens choices available.

The Visioffice uses the latest technology to take detailed measurements, without contact, as you look at a screen and give us the information to order a lens perfectly designed for you.


Instant vision without effort

You won’t need to adjust your posture, even when looking through the lens periphery. Bespoke lenses are as comfortable as a custom made sports shoe.


Low contrast images will be clearer, even when reading in dimly lit conditions.


Distortion or ‘swimming’ images will become a thing of the past, even during the most dynamic activities.

With bespoke lenses, your vision becomes immediately comfortable, highly contrasted and dynamic.


What are the benefits of personalised lenses?

  • Perfectly suited to your needs, regardless of age, prescription and frame
  • Takes into consideration your postural and visual behaviour – only available with Essilor Visioffice
  • Light and thin lenses with scratch resistance improve the comfort of your glasses.


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