Glasses for headaches

Glasses for headaches


Headaches are a common occurrence, and they can be incredibly uncomfortable and distracting. It’s safe to say that everyone has experienced a headache at some point, but did you know that the solution might be a pair of glasses?

Whether you often reach for pain-relief medication to cure your headache, or you simply wait it out, you might not be aware that having your eyes tested and corrected can be an effective cure for reducing headaches. If you often experience headaches when doing an activity such as reading or watching TV, it’s worth visiting an optometrist.

Can vision problems cause headaches? 

If you suffer from this regularly, you may benefit from wearing glasses for headaches. This is because you may have a vision problem that is causing the headache. If you struggle to see things in the distance or close up, you could be straining your eyes in order to see clearly.

Hypermetropia, or long-sightedness, can strain your eyes and cause headaches because it is particularly tiring for your eyes to try and focus up close. This effort of straining to see clearly can often cause headaches. Similarly, astigmatism can often result in headaches.

Glasses for headaches can help to correct your vision and reduce the need to strain your eyes. You might not have even known there was a problem with your vision, which is why it is important to visit your optician for regular eye examinations.

Do I need glasses if I get headaches a lot? 

Headaches are one of the main signs that you might need to wear glasses. If you seem to experience headaches frequently, there is no harm in visiting your local optician to find out if there is a problem with your vision.

If you suffer headaches as well as blurry vision, double vision or difficulty seeing at night, it is very likely you need to wear glasses.

What glasses for headaches should I wear? 

Understanding which glasses for headaches you should wear will depend on your vision needs. You need to wear glasses that will reduce the need for straining your eyes, which in turn will reduce the occurrence of headaches.

More often than not, headaches relating to vision are a by-product of a refractive error, such as hypermetropia, myopia or astigmatism. Wearing glasses for headaches will entail determining which vision error you suffer from and wearing your lenses to correct this.

There are a number of different glasses for headaches that could help with your vision. Single vision lenses can correct long-sightedness, short-sightedness and astigmatism. It’s also important to choose the right single vision glasses for headaches to suit you.

Eyezen lenses are a unique lens solution that is specifically designed to reduce eye strain. Offering sharp, comfortable vision, Eyezen glasses for headaches can be particularly effective if you often use digital devices.

Digital screens can sometimes cause headaches because your eyes are constantly trying to focus on pixelated screens and variable distances. Eyezen technology can correct your vision problem while protecting your eyes from eyestrain or eye fatigue.

If it turns out that you need varifocal glasses for headaches, this is because you struggle to see both closeup and far away. This can be a huge cause of headaches as you are constantly straining to see at all distances.

Varilux X Series lenses can offer smooth visual adjustments from your close up vision to your distance vision, helping you see clearly at all distances and allowing you to multitask without interruption.

Sometimes headaches can also be caused by bright light conditions, especially if you suffer from light sensitivity. Bright lights can cause all of us to squint due to a sudden onset of glare. In this instance, you need glasses for headaches that can protect your vision from bright light. Transitions XTRActive lenses will adapt automatically to shield your eyes from bright light by tinting the lens and reducing glare.