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Protecting Your Sight

Your eyesight is your window on the world, so protecting it is essential.

The threat from impact can come from anywhere but sport, work and DIY can be particularly hazardous.

Every year around 30,000* people are admitted to hospital with a serious eye injury sustained whilst carrying out home improvement projects and hundreds of thousands more suffer superficial eye injuries.

Airwear lenses are made from a polycarbonate material that is almost totally impervious to impact. Bullet-proof screens are

made from it, so no other lens offers greater protection.

A more unseen danger is to be found with UV radiation which affects the eye by damaging the structures within it.

UV build up can cause the eye’s lens to gradually become opaque until the only remedy is to have the lens surgically removed and replaced with an implant.

UV is most intense in bright sunny weather, especially at the beach or in the mountains, but UV is ever present and you should protect yours eyes from it at all times.

It isn’t difficult to protect your eyes from UV radiation though. All our sunglasses carry the CE Kite mark which

is your guarantee they block all UV radiation from passing through the font of the sunglass lenses.

For prescription lenses, check the E-SPF (Eye-Sun Protection Factor) rating. It’s a new index that certifies the level of UV protection your spectacles give you from frontal and lens rear surface reflections back into your eyes as most lenses do not offer protection from rear lens UV reflections.

It’s calculated in the same way a skin product and the SPF highlights how many more times you are protected from UV with the lenses.

Ask us for details and we’ll take you through the options.


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