Re-use! Recycle! Repair!

Got an old frame you just can’t part with?….. Starting up a collection of old spectacles?…. Broken your favorite frame?
Here at Pritchard and Cowburn opticians we do our best to make sure you get the full use out of your frames!


If you need to update your prescription after an eye examination but want to save money or prefer your current frame, then re-using your frame is an option. As long as your frame is in good condition and a suitable size for the required lenses, then we can fit lenses in on our on site laboratory. Once the lenses are in our Cardigan branch, the technician can get this done for in as little time as an hour! With the exception of rimless frames, which takes around half a day to be set up.


We like to make sure nothing goes to waste, especially when it comes to old spectacles.  If you find that you’ve got a collection of old spectacles that you no longer use that are just collecting dust, but you can’t bring yourself to just throw them in the bin. Then please drop them in to our Vision aid overseas collection box. Once the box is full, the old spectacles are packaged up and collected by a courier. The spectacles themselves are not sent overseas for people to use, but instead the frames are recycled in an environmentally-friendly way to raise funds for the overseas programs. Giving people in developing countries access to vital eye care.

At least 45 million people (0.7% of the world’s population / 7% of the total number of those who are visually impaired) who need glasses are of working age; these people risk being unable to work because they cannot see well enough.

To find out more information on how recycling your old spectacles can help provide eye care to people in developing countries.  Go to: What we do Vision Aid Overseas


If you’ve broken your frame but think it can be saved, then we are able to do small repairs in each of our practices. This includes:

We don’t usually charge for small repairs but we do courage people to make a donation to our Help for Heroes charity box. If your repair is a little bit more tricky and requires soldering then we can send them away to be repaired, this usually takes around a week or so to come back to us. And we do charge for this service.

If we are unable to do your repair for you but the lenses are still in good condition, then another option is for us to put your own lenses into a new frame if we have a frame they would fit to. This can usually be done in just an hour in our Cardigan branch. We also service frames so if you feel your nose pads have discolored or the screws could do with a tighten, feel free to call in and we can check them over for you.