A Sight For Sore Eyes on Your Computer

Computers affect nearly everyone’s life today, both at work and at home. We work, shop, communicate and entertain ourselves on our computers in ways that hadn’t even been thought of just a few years ago.

Most people have embraced the opportunity and learnt new ways to make the most of it.

Our eyes aren’t as flexible. We’re making demands on our sight that it can’t always cope with. It can lead to tired, stinging, red eyes and headaches too. We can do much to help by adjusting our seating position and monitor screen but we can help a great deal more by wearing appropriate spectacle lenses.

We offer a Varilux lens that has been specifically designed for computer users. General-purpose varifocals are designed for ‘everyday’ use, with a wide distance vision area. But computer wearers have a much greater need for the widest-possible arms’ length vision to cover the entire width of the monitor.

Varilux Computer delivers the widest arms’ length vision, so your eyes have to work less to see more.

We also offer a lens for single vision wearers, with Anti-Fatigue lenses. Our eyes are continually adjusting between near and arms’ length vision (it’s called accommodating) and they can become very tired as a result.

Anti-Fatigue lenses offer support with that accommodating by being slightly stronger towards the bottom of the lens.

It’s a small difference, but a great help to your eyes, so they’re far less likely to get tired. In tests, 70% of wearers said they preferred them to their previously-favorite correction. Call in on us – we just might be a sight for your sore eyes!