Types of eye tests for glaucoma

Glaucoma can be a concern for many people as they get older, especially if they have a family history of it. While it’s usually detected by skilled opticians before you notice any signs yourself, there are some specific types of eye tests for glaucoma. Read on to find out more.

Eye pressure tests

During a routine eye test at your local opticians, you will most commonly encounter an eye pressure test. This is carried out using a tonometer, which involves the optician putting anaesthetic and dye into the very front of your eye. They will then shine a light into your eyes one at a time and touch the surface of your eye using the instrument to see how firm your eyeball is.

Field tests

lady undergoing a visual field test
A Visual Field Test can help track your field of vision

A visual field test is another test which is often used during a routine vision check. This test tracks areas of your vision which may be missing. You are shown light spots and must push a button when you see them. There will be dots in your peripheral vision and if you can’t see these, it could indicate glaucoma damage to the edges of your field of vision.

Optic nerve check

The nerve which links your eye and your brain is known as the optic nerve, and this can often be impacted by glaucoma. An optic nerve check or assessment tests to see if this nerve is healthy or damaged. Your optician may use eye drops to make your pupils dilate and then examine your eyes with a slit lamp or a scan known as optical coherence tomography (OCT). In the latter case, an image will be produced showing what has been scanned at the back of your eye.


The front of your eye can reveal a lot about whether or not you are suffering from glaucoma, and what kind of glaucoma you may have. Gonioscopy checks the part of your eye between your iris and cornea, where fluid drains from your eye.

This test is used to examine whether this area is open and draining normally. Gonioscopy is often used when you have already received a glaucoma diagnosis and your optician is narrowing down the type and severity of your glaucoma.

Different types of eye tests for glaucoma and more

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