What Happens During An Eye Test?

male patient undergoing an eye test
Male patient under eye vision examination in eyesight correction clinic

If you’ve never visited the optician before, you might be nervous about what to expect. After all, our eyes are sensitive organs. However, eye tests are a quick, painless way to understand your eye health, check whether you need glasses or contact lenses, and spot any emerging issues before they get worse.

At Pritchard Cowburn Opticians, we pride ourselves on making having an eye test a positive experience.

Our knowledgeable opticians will ensure every eye test is performed in a friendly, personal manner – all you need to do is bring any existing glasses or contact lenses with you. With all this in mind, let’s take a closer look at what happens during an eye test in the UK.

Why I Might Need To Book An Eye Test?

Lots of people have their first eye test to check unusual or new symptoms, so you’ll be in great hands as our experienced staff will be familiar with a variety of eye health problems.

Initially, your optometrist will have a chat with you about your history and any symptoms that may have prompted your visit, such as:

Blurred vision
Dry eyes
Swollen or red eyelids
Cloudy patches in the eye
Soreness and inflammation
‘Floaters’ – black dots in your vision
…and many more

Of course, you may wish simply to book an eye test to check the health of your eyes or to see if your existing glasses or contact lens prescription is still correct.

Some people are eligible for free eye tests via the NHS, and others might wish to take out our enhanced plan, Visiplan, which allows for a broader range of eye health tests and a pay-monthly structure – you can contact us online to make an appointment at either our Cardigan or Narberth practice.

What Happens During An Eye Test?

an oct scan machine
An Oct Scan Machine

Once a history has been taken by one of our friendly team members, an optometrist will undertake a selection of tests to check your eyes. What tests you are offered depends on you – each examination is tailored to your individual needs, your age group, any symptoms you may be experiencing, and your lifestyle.

Many people are familiar with the idea of reading from a letter chart on the wall, with smaller and smaller letters as you move down the chart – this is one of the tests we use to assess how well your eyes are functioning. There are other common tests that may be included, such as:

OCT scanning is an advanced test to examine the eye in fine detail. It is painless and very quick to complete.

At Pritchard Cowburn, we have new field-screening technology used by most eye hospitals, utilising the latest advancements to check your vision quickly and painlessly.

We are also pleased to offer enhanced Visiplan eye examinations, which make use of leading technology such as 2D and 3D optical scanning equipment and retinal cameras to give you a more detailed picture of your eye health. You may wish to have an enhanced eye examination to detect certain eye diseases or problems earlier, allowing faster treatment.

What happens after I’ve had my eyes tested?

After the eye examination is complete, the optometrist will discuss your results with you. They may recommend that you need glasses or contact lenses, or that your prescription for existing lenses is adjusted. In some cases, you may be referred for further treatment or investigation with a consultant.

All of our knowledgeable team are available for you to discuss any questions or concerns following your eye test – from our dispensing opticians, who will discuss any treatments (such as eye drops) and any lenses you may need, to our reception staff who will be happy to discuss making any follow-up appointments.

Are Pritchard Cowburn Opticians the Right Opticians For My Eye Test?

With ultra-advanced eye technology, two well-equipped practices with friendly, experienced staff, we go the extra mile to ensure our customers get the very best clinical care for their eye health.

And, if you find you need glasses or contact lenses, our bespoke lenses (and leading lens-making technology) plus in-house frame repairs mean you’ll always have the very best eye care available to you.

If you want to know more about what happens during an eye test in the UK or would like to book an appointment with Pritchard Cowburn Opticians, getting in touch with us via our online enquiry form or telephone.