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Contact Lenses

Pritchard-Cowburn Opticians


We fit all types of contact lenses including dailies, lenses for astigmatism, multifocals  and Myopia Management lenses.

Being independent our optometrists do not have  a limited choice of lens designs and can fit a lens to give you the best vision and comfort possible, whether you use the lens all day or part-time.

If you have concerns about your child becoming myopic (short sighted) and needing glasses to see the whiteboard at school we can help reduce the effect of myopia using MiSight soft, daily contact lenses.

Ask our opticians about the benefits and your child’s suitability to use these myopia control contact lenses.

When you come for a contact lens appointment we will ask how you would like to wear the lenses. eg for sport or work and check the health of your eyes.

The next stage is to arrange a contact lens teach when a trained member of staff will ensure that you have all the correct information to take and wear the lenses safely.

After a week we like to check your eyes when you have worn the lenses and give you the chance to discuss how you have progressed.

Lenses can be sent to your home at no extra cost and we can often give replacements if you are unfortunate to break any.

Call us on 01239612004 for Cardigan or 01348873048 for Narberth


Try the ACUVUE 21 day challenge and receive full support when you begin wearing with the 21 day guarantee of a contact lens refund if you don’t enjoy using your lenses.

(Terms and conditions apply- please ask a member of staff)

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