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Teens and Children Eye Tests

Pritchard-Cowburn Opticians 

It’s important to us that your child is able to reach their full potential. This is why  our staff is devoted to providing premium eye care for children. We believe that eye tests are essential for children, even from a very young age. We’re passionate to preserve and protect your child’s eyesight during their development however, we are also sensitive to the anxieties that many children feel when visiting an unusual place that involves unfamiliar tests. This is why we endeavour to make the process as comfortable as possible for your child. Our friendly staff enjoy making the practice welcoming to children so they are comfortable to return when they’re required to have their next check-up.

Examination of children, even when babies, can enable us to assess them for squints, focusing problems such as long and short sight and other abnormalities. The majority of children presenting visual problems are easily corrected with spectacles and reap the rewards of better sight in the long term.

The practice stocks a wide range of children’s frames, which are carefully fitted correctly. Don’t worry, we are happy to adjust and repair as required when inevitable bumps and knocks occur.

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