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When you visit your local Optometrist/Optician you may not be aware of the services provided beyond the routine “eye test”

Both of our practices have the latest optical scanning equipment (often called OCT) and retinal cameras which enable our optometrists to examine your eye in microscopic detail with immediate results.

Using the very latest technology to obtain detailed 2D and 3D  images of your eyes we can see through the retina and could detect early signs of Glaucoma, Diabetic retinopathy, Macular degeneration and many more diseases that can damage your sight.

Eyesight is often considered our most important sense enabling us to carry on with a normal lifestyle and the purpose of extended examinations is to preserve your sight at the best level possible by detecting certain eye diseases and problems early.

We offer several types of appointments.

– NHS tests for eligible patients.

– Standard test is free.

– NHS, Wales eyecare examination for eligible groups and emergencies.

– Private examinations.

– From £50.00.

– Extended private eyecare examinations which are more detailed and include scanning (OCT) for detailed 3D images of the internal eye ,retinal photography, full visual field examination  and Essilor’s Advanced visual optics lenses as standard.

The scans do not usually need and eye drops and give immediate, comfortable results which can be sent to a Consultant for review of any diseases which could damage your sight.

– Scanning (OCT)/ retinal photography £40.00.

– You may prefer to pay the low monthly fee of £10.50 by direct debit for your VISIPLAN examination which also gives a 10% saving off complete new pairs of glasses or pay £14.50 PER MONTH for a 20% discount.  (Please note the direct debit needs to run for a complete 12 month period to pay for the service)

Our reception staff and Optometrists / dispensing opticians will be able to answer any questions that you may have about your suitability for each appointment.(Terms and conditions available in practice).

The examination is adapted to the individual and involves tests that are most applicable to your age group and any symptoms you may be experiencing.

By combining discussions about your lifestyle and the results from your eye examination we are able to provide a solution that will fulfil your needs. This may simply be glasses or if further investigation is required we will refer you to a consultant for professional treatment. Throughout we follow guidelines as recommended by the College of Optometrists and through continuous professional development we aim to provide you with the best clinical practice.

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