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Cardigan practice gets a refresh.

Not long to go and the Cardigan practice will be looking fresh again. With apologies to anyone affected by the scaffolding on the pavement recently. Lots of website and practice upgrades due soon and in 2023 as we never stand still!

How Long Can You Keep Your Contact Lenses In?

Contact lenses are well-known for their convenience and comfort, but new users often wonder how long can you keep contact lenses in. The last thing anyone wants is to develop sore eyes, irritation or even an eye infection! Different lenses can be worn for different lengths of time so, if you traditionally wear glasses, it can be a challenge to
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Types of eye tests for glaucoma

Glaucoma can be a concern for many people as they get older, especially if they have a family history of it. While it's usually detected by skilled opticians before you notice any signs yourself, there are some specific types of eye tests for glaucoma. Read on to find out more. Eye pressure tests During a routine eye test at your
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What can an eye exam detect?

If you're considering booking in your next eye test, then you probably think you know what kind of things your optician will be looking for. But what can an eye exam detect? We take a closer look at the kinds of vision and health issues an eye exam might be able to find. What can an eye exam detect? Perhaps
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Is an OCT scan worth it and who should have one?

An OCT scan is a procedure performed in addition to a routine eye test. The scan is often included in an advanced eye examination. Because there is usually an additional charge, some people ask, is an OCT scan worth it? What is an OCT scan? Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is a scan that uses red light to look through the
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How to know if I need glasses?

Around 74% of people in the UK wear vision corrective eyewear or have undergone laser eye surgery to correct their vision. Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell whether you need to wear glasses or not, and one of the most common search terms is 'how to know if I need glasses'. Below, we outline some potential signs that you
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Are contact lenses better than glasses?

When your eyesight starts to change, you'll need to correct this by either wearing contact lenses or choosing glasses. Many people opt for the convenience of contact lenses, but are contact lenses better than glasses? Here's everything you need to know. Are contact lenses better than glasses? The simple answer to the question 'are contact lenses better than glasses?' is
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Are glasses and contact lenses prescriptions the same?

Have you been for an eye test and are now wondering, are glasses and contact lenses prescriptions the same? Although they both work in broadly the same way to correct your vision, the script your optometrist provides may be different for spectacles and contacts. So, are glasses and contact lenses prescriptions the same? They often differ because contact lenses sit
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